Prayer Connection

January 2018

A few years ago, within a small town in the western prairies, a young man with a big heart felt the Lord stirring and soon thereafter discovered the purpose God had for his life. With the guidance of the Lord, this young man felt called to bring the gospel to the unreached, in places where the gospel has yet to be established. This young man, who for the sake of privacy and security will be referred to as JM, now lives in a foreign land, pursuing his calling as a Global Worker.

Cultivating his passion for reaching the unreached, JM uprooted himself and moved to a country where the gospel has scarcely even been heard of. Three years later, he has helped establish multiple ministries, one of which aids refugees from various countries. During his first two years as a Global Worker, JM started a refugee aid program along with his local church. This program fed over 5,500 refugee families and provided them with access to job and language skill training, ultimately providing JM and others with the opportunity to share the gospel.

“What is his latest ministry endeavour?” you ask. Well, JM has felt the Lord leading him towards ministry with Muslim young adults in a university environment. Over the course of the last year, he has spent time improving his language skills, trying to bring them to a university level and is in the process of enrolling in a local university.

Although JM has personally had a few ups and downs over the last little while, he doesn’t regret his decision to reside in a foreign country. Living in faith, seeing what God is doing and how he gets to be a part of it, JM loves every bit of it and is thoroughly looking forward to what lies ahead.