Youth Camps in Thailand

Thank you for your prayers for this last month, our 2 youth camps were great. The First a Youth Camp with a group of Karen Churches here in Northern Thailand. This is the second year that we have helped put on this camp.  This year we had just over 500 young people join.  And again our team did a fabulous job leading the youth into worship, teaching and fun activities.  The first day there were about  50 young people who responded to the call of giving their lives to Jesus and then the next day a  larger number answering the call to serve God. These young people live in mountain villages, many quite remote and so quite a blessing for them, especially the worship and teaching.

Our second camp we held here just outside of Chiang Mai. A much smaller camp with 75 people but very much more spirit filled. Many of the young people being powerfully touched by the love, power and presence of God.

The youth camps are such a great opportunity to touch and impact their lives with the love and purposes of God.

Next year during this time which is the summer school break we are planning to send our team to do small worship camps or workshops in some of the mountain villages to teach music and worship to the young people.

Also exciting for me is to see some of the people that I have been mentoring grow in their ability to minister in the word and in prayer and we are seeing more on the spot healings take place which is always exciting.

The new school season will be starting up soon here in Thailand. So our Life of Hope kids will be back in school. This year we have two more that have now finished grade 12 and will be starting their first year in college.  Also, my son Amos and daughter Arisa in Canada are hoping to enter College this year so would appreciate your prayers for that.

Thank you again for your prayers and support