7 times more missionaries per capita AND exponential church growth at home? How?

The Summit Church pastored by J. D. Greer has 7 times more missionaries than any of the other churches in their organization.  How?  In this article, it’s clear that their church is on mission – in fact, they’ve made mission the reason they exist.

Not only has Summit planted over 200 churches internationally, but Summit itself has grown to around 10,000 members and planted 40 churches in America.  Starting with their children’s ministry, moving up through their youth & young adults program, and continuing all the way into their seniors’ ministry, everyone is challenged to live on mission.

Mission comes out in EVERY sermon preached by Pastor Greear and in every church ministry throughout the week. Be inspired as you read more.

What could happen if we – both as individuals and as churches – intentionally made mission our focus?

Written by
Global Harvest Missions Directors