Prayer Connection

September 2018

Inspired by the exciting and miraculous testimonies of other international Christian workers, these two global workers, who for the sake of privacy and security shall be referred to as D&A, now faithfully serve the Lord in the Middle East.

For nearly 20 years D&A have had the privilege of sharing the gospel around the world and have witnessed first-hand the effect the Lord can have in changing people’s lives. They have been serving in the Middle East for the last few years and right now their primary focus is sharing the gospel with those who have never heard it before.

These people are often in areas where there are no churches, local believers or access to Christian literature or media. The only access to the gospel these people have are through workers like D&A who traverse the world in which to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Knowing this harsh reality D&A have been involved with a variety of outreaches, events and programs, all with the initiative of reaching the unreached while also mentoring other global workers, enabling them to do the same thing.

Between their ministry work and their family, D&A keep quite busy. School has begun for their children and believe it or not the kids are just as excited about it as their parents. Being able to watch their children thrive as they live abroad has been an amazing blessing. They can honestly say that they love their country and all of the people they are surrounded by. “It’s been an incredible privilege to have front-row seats to all the miraculous things God is doing here!”

Please pray for:

  • Continued favour with the powers-that-be that allow them to stay in their country.
  • For hearts, eyes, and minds to be opened to the truth about who Jesus is and the salvation He has for us.
  • For their ability to be learners, to understand the culture deeply and see the gospel penetrate the core of it!