Prayer Connection

October 2018

Gerald and Ruth Nygren both received a calling to missions at a young age. Though their paths were much different they both knew from an early point that they were called to be Global Workers. Gerald and Ruth now live in Puebla, a city that resides in a mountainous region of central Mexico where they minister to the people of Mexico, Latin-America and other countries.

The majority of their ministry is centered on evangelism, teaching and the training of pastors, leaders and Mexican missionaries. Ruth serves full-time at the Puebla Christian School as a volunteer in their offices, which gives her the opportunity to minister to the staff, the students and their families. In addition to preaching, teaching and mentoring the pastors and leaders of several local churches, Gerald and Ruth also prepare and translate various printed Bible study materials that are distributed worldwide. These same materials are also used as teaching materials at the local Bible and Missionary Training Institutes and have done so well that they are in the process of creating online courses in Biblical Theology and Missions.

As a couple, they can feel the Lord enriching their lives on a daily basis and are grateful for his provision for them spiritually, physically and financially. While they do have some physical challenges, they’re thankful to the Lord for his divine healing and for providing good medical care so that they have the health and stamina to fulfill His calling upon their lives.

Please pray for:

  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and His guidance and for His anointing upon them.
  • That the Lord will continue to open doors for the new online teaching and training courses.
  • Ongoing health and stamina to overcome the challenges on the field.
  • That the Lord will continue to provide prayer and financial support.
  • The Lord’s protection as they minister.
  • The Bible Institute students, their families and their ministries.