He is Enough

Is Jesus enough? If all I had to give people was Jesus, is it enough? It’s a question that goes through my mind often, and it causes me to think deeply. The obvious answer is “Yes, of course!”, but the way I live my life often speaks differently. Now, please don’t think I’m losing my faith or questioning what I’m doing, but come with me on a journey. Maybe you’ve been here too?

Someone recently asked us what we do when things get rough; where do we turn, how do we cope? It caused the “Is Jesus enough” question to be brought to mind again. On days when I want to quit, throw in the towel, cry out in frustration and discouragement, where do I turn? I have family and friends to reach out to, worship music to put on, a journal to write in, and yes, I turn to Jesus. But, and here is my question…what do people do when they have no other believers around them? No one else they can trust, especially with spiritual matters? No worship music to listen to, no Christian books to read, maybe not even the complete Word in their possession. Is Jesus enough then? Would He be for me? If all I had was Jesus, especially in the hard times, no friend to turn to, no music to play, nowhere to turn but to Him, would it be enough?

I think of my friend who has come from a neighbouring country. We met just a couple months ago and she has been a secret believer for a few years. Since arriving in our city a year ago, she has felt very alone and thought she was the only believer in this place. Her phone chip with all her Truth resources was taken from her in a police raid and she left her Book with her mom in her home country so that she too could read and understand. For the last year, she hasn’t even had a copy of the Word, no resource whatsoever and no support from anyone. Was Jesus enough even then?

I look at my closest local friend and wonder how she has stayed so faithful. She has believed for over 17 years, but has had little fellowship. Her husband only accepted Christ 2 years ago; she had been alone in her faith until then. Living in this city, with no one else to gather with, worship with, pray with, for years! She had tears in her eyes as we shared the Lord’s table for the first time; she never thought it would be possible in this place. After years of isolation, with little resources and surrounded by darkness, was Jesus enough for her?

I think of an American pastor in this country who has just been released from 2 years in jail. No fellowship, not even the Word allowed in the jail for the first few months, malnutrition and isolation his constant companions. As he sat in his cell, day after day, falsely accused by those he came to love, was Jesus enough for him?

I look around me at these precious people who have risked it all, who have stayed faithful in the midst of great adversity and spiritual battles, and know that Jesus is enough. I look at the pile of books I have read and my wish list of all I wish I had time to learn, I think of the hours of YouTube worship and messages I have played, the fellowship of the body I have been blessed to be part of for so many years, and yet I’m the one left wondering if Jesus is enough. If He is enough for those with nothing, He is enough for me with much more. And maybe, just maybe, the much more is getting in the way of Him being the enough that He deserves to be.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Is Jesus enough for me?” If everything else was taken away, would you still stand? We have an abundance of wealth and resources available to us and it truly is a blessing. We shouldn’t push it all away, just because others don’t have the same access. But, it can become a stumbling block if we begin to look everywhere else first, and use Jesus as our last resort. Maybe it’s just me asking the question because I am faced with it in a place oppressed by spiritual darkness, but can I ask you the same question? Can you answer honestly, even if just for yourself?

If all you had was Jesus, would He be enough?

May we be like Philip who said in John 14:8,
“Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.