Ministry Report from the Bremnes’

On October 20 we had our first wedding in the town of Alamor. This couple was part of our youth group and made a commitment to Christ this past summer and then decided to get married and have now become part of our congregation.

Letty and I had the privilege of baptizing six people on November 10. This was the second baptism held so far for the new congregation in Pindal.

This is a picture of the lot where we will soon start constructing our future church home, and facility to minister to children in partnership with Compassion International. Behind me in this picture is a crew we recently hired to do an analysis of the soil.

We have had some delays. We discovered that the architect, who had been contacted during the summer, and whom we assumed would have completed our architectural drawings by October, had not even started on our project.

But we are grateful to the Lord for helping us to recently find an architect that will be doing all of our architectural drawings free of charge! And he has already completed the majority of the work!

We have recently been going into some of the poorer neighbourhoods around Alamor to inform parents of the opportunity to enrol their children into the ‘Compassion’ program, and we now have 150 children enrolled.

Please pray that the Lord would:

  • Guide us each step of the way as we prepare to start construction.
  • Continue to help us to raise up more leaders and to make more disciples.
A natural pool where we recently took the youth from Alamor