Prayer Connection

November 2018

After becoming Global Workers in 2001, Andrew & Erica Vähi hit the ground running.

Andrew, who has a background in chemical addictions, felt the Lord calling him to minister to men and their families who were bound by addiction.

During their first year as Global Workers, they helped to establish the Village of Hope in Estonia. The Village of Hope is a faith-based drug rehabilitation program. They continue to be directly involved in Estonia by providing oversight and support for the program.

Since its establishment, the Village of Hope has expanded in terms of program options and facilities. Their facility in Tracey, New Brunswick presently houses over 20 men currently going through the program. Andrew and Erica also provide counselling to the wives and families of the men who are currently enrolled.

Andrew also disciples and mentors up and coming leaders while also pastoring the on-site church. The church welcomes visitors from the surrounding communities and currently has several families in attendance, including those from the Village of Hope.

The Village of Hope in New Brunswick is also in the midst of expanding. They’ve been given a house within the city, which is currently undergoing renovations to become a stage 2 residence for graduates. They’re also developing the program into new areas and plans are in the works to build a new dormitory next year. Preparations for a new church building and dining hall have also begun.

While their ministry life keeps them busy, their family life is just as packed. Their 3 children attend the local school in Tracey and are doing well. They’re involved with as many events as they possibly can which keeps Erica on her toes.

Please pray for:

  • The Lord’s guidance in building a strong ministry team
  • The development and maintaining of supportive friendships
  • Knowing when and taking advantage of times of rest
  • That the Lord will continue to provide financial support