Settling Back in with Many Changes

Now that my initial travels are over I have been able to settle into a schedule. I am back in full-time language classes, have started going to a local weekly bible study, and will be attending a young adults group with the local church. My desire has been to dig deeper into learning spiritual terms in the native language, so attending these groups will help with that. I am really excited to be back into a weekly schedule as well as building new and deeper relationships with those around me.

I am excited to announce that my roommate is getting married to our good friend, which means she will be moving back to America in January. Even though I am incredibly happy for her, my roommate is one of my closest friends so the thought of her leaving has been hard on me. There will be a new roommate moving in, potentially as soon as December, and I am thankful for our Father’s provision. I continually have to remind myself that G0d knew exactly who I needed as my roommate over these last two years, and He knows who I need in this next season.

Speaking of two years…I have just celebrated my second year anniversary of moving to my new country! Sometimes it is hard for me to remember the first few months which included victories such as being able to take the bus alone, go grocery shopping, or successfully take a mini-bus. Let me explain the mini-bus – instead of just pressing a button to get off, you have to say “müsait bir yerdi,” which translates to “get off at the next convenient spot.” Did I mention you have to say this loud enough for the bus driver to hear? Plus this has to be said in front of so many locals. This is terrifying when you are new. These days, so many of the things that use to scare me have become part of my normal everyday life.

Please pray for:

  • Good Health. (I have kept picking up different colds since arriving.)
  • That my mind would be able to take in the new words and grammar I am learning
  • Peace in the transition of my roommate moving and my new one moving in

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.