Christmas in Old Town Tallinn

In the Heart of the Old Town of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia:
The central Christmas Market is lit up with the huge decorated Christmas Tree in front of the 13th century medieval City Town Hall. For years during the Soviet occupation before 1941 to 1991 Christmas trees were forbidden and those who celebrated did so secretly in their homes behind drawn curtains. Today Estonia is a different place, not only during Christmas but in general throughout the whole year!

Village of Hope Staff Dinner:
Andrew Vähi visits from the Village of Hope Canada, during the season and encourages the members of the staff. During Andrew’s visit, many planning meetings, a board meeting, and a visit to Finland for the beginning of a Village of Hope there were all included in the busy schedule for the week. It was so great having Andrew in Estonia and Finland during this busy Christmas Season.

A Very Different Christmas:
Gingerbread houses, decorations, cookies and snacks with music was the name of the game for an evening of events and fun. For most a time never experienced before without drugs, heartaches and alcohol. Above all the fact they have found Christ, for the first time, the meaning of Christmas hold something so radically and totally different beats everything else! In Canada, there are 17 plus 33 more in Estonia in the program this Christmas season with a lot of reason to rejoice and celebrate!