The Results of Prayer

Our prayer and fasting time for our church is two weeks each year starting the last week of October to the end of the first week in November. This year was no different. We focused on the Lord’s direction as a church. We would also pray diligently for good governance of the nation. This year the Lord directed me differently in choosing the scriptures for each day during the first week. It was heavily focused on personal prayer for direction and purpose. We would meet each evening for collective prayer time. At the end of our two week prayer time, we celebrated with thanksgiving.

Within three weeks after our celebration two of our church sisters were appointed to leadership in the nation (this was so unexpected!). Dr. Maria  was asked to be an Independent Senator appointed by the President. Dr. Gillian was appointed the Assistant Chair of the Board for the Children’s Authority and the Chair of the Tenders Board.

Both ladies acknowledged the hand of the Lord preparing them in the word with knowledge and wisdom for such a time as this. Each morning our prayer request to the Lord is for good governance. The total murders thus far was 500 in a population of 1.3M people. This gives an indication of the break down in society. We cried out for leaders with integrity.  Here in a small insignificant congregation, God was moulding and preparing for such a time. Praise the Lord!