Salvation & Deliverance

On Tuesday morning our daughter, Isabel came to me and said, “There is a couple outside who wants prayer for their baby and the family as well.” I asked this couple why they came and how they found us and the man said, I asked people on the road in this compound where the Pastors house was and the people that they met said, there is a Pastor at house #672 (this is where we stay) and he said that’s how we found this place. The man said, we came for prayer for our baby and us as well, we’ve needed deliverance for some time now as we have been tormented by the evil spirits etc. etc.

To make the long story short my wife and I talked to them and asked if they were Christians and they said “we do go to church” I mentioned that it’s possible to go to church but not be a child of God. They laughed when I said that a baby can be born in the garage but he is not a vehicle, a person can be born at the airport but that does not make them a plane. We did explain to them the path to salvation in a way they could understand and thank the Lord they both knelt down right there in our living room and received Jesus as Lord and saviour for the first time.

My wife gave them some breakfast as well and we prayed for their deliverance. The Lord set them free and healed the baby as well and oh how they rejoiced to have Jesus as Lord. They will now be attending a church in their village. I know that in the area they come from we have some churches in those villages.

I thank the Lord for the way he works in the lives of people, just like in Bible days, people came to Christ for answers and he also went to them. Thank God we can do evangelism, so please do pray for this couple and their baby. He looks so cute after prayer, thank the Lord.