Global Harvest responds to
the crisis in Kerala, India

ACOP of India sends their thanks for ACOP’s humanitarian response to this crisis as well as the support in prayer.

In August last year, Kerala, India was hit with the worst flooding the region has seen in over a century. Over a million people were evacuated. Many lost their lives, homes and livelihood.

113 ACOP pastors, 746 ACOP families, and a number of ACOP churches were affected in this disaster.

This week, ACOP of India communicated that they have been ministering strategically in the affected areas and have been doing distribution among affected pastors and church members. Assistance was also provided for 2 homes and 5 ACOP churches.

Thank you for partnering with ACOP Global Harvest in getting urgent assistance to our ACOP family in India. God bless you for your sacrificial gifts.