How can we help align people’s vision and desires with God’s so that they invest far more into His Kingdom?

The best-known evangelical financial stewardship curriculum uses solid biblical principles to help believers break free of chronic debt and save for retirement, but it fails in moving people from an earth-centered 80-year worldview to a Kingdom-focused, 1,000,000-year one.  Why? Because its core message comes down to “Live frugally and forgo some pleasures today so that you can give a bit more to God and have lots of fun in retirement”.

But the Realign Class aims for a very different goal. As a financial curriculum, it does help believers create budgets and get free of debt. But its focus isn’t on wealth-building. Instead, Realign invites believers to realign their relationships with God, themselves and others so that their resources have a far greater Kingdom impact. It teaches believers to bring God into every financial decision so that they say “yes” to His plans instead of living for themselves.

Let’s help believers invest for eternity!

Written by

Bruce Lungren
ACOP Global Harvest Worker