Mission “M”

This is Pastor Samuel Y’s recent report on Project M, a pioneer work among a Muslim people group begun by one of our sister church fellowships in Africa:

“By the grace of God, this work continues to grow despite all the challenges and adversities. Islam has been their heritage for many centuries, so it’s not easy to work among them. The Lord, however, is working powerfully among them. Salvation, healings and deliverance from demonic oppression and various signs and wonders have attracted many people to the church. The local Muslim leaders have realized that this is a serious threat to their faith and so, have decided to take strong action to stop the spread of the Gospel.

    1. All of the marabouts (Islamic shamans) reputed to be able to kill or to make people insane through their magic powers joined together to neutralize the missionary couple. They used a mix of occultism and incantations from the Quran against our missionaries, but without success as our Lord supernaturally protected them.
    2. Then they tried to poison them. As you know, in our African cultures we offer a drink of water to every visitor who comes to our door. It’s our way of showing that he or she is welcome in our home. This show of hospitality is so important in Country X that guests have no legitimate or non-offensive way to refuse water when it’s offered to them. The Muslim leaders assigned a certain marabout to kill our missionary by offering him poisoned water. Yet again, the Lord saved him and he drank their water with no ill effects.
    3. After trying in vain to harm our missionaries, they’ve now threatened to slash the throats of any of their people who attend the missionaries’ meetings. And they really mean what they say. So, our missionaries decided to change strategies. Many local people are saved but now don’t dare attend public church meetings, so the missionary meets with them in secret to teach and strengthen them in their faith.

He with his wife work very hard and lead groups of believers which they’ve planted in four villages. They recently baptized 14 people, and now they’re also helping a girl and a boy to learn how to sew so that they can be self-supported. Five of their disciples were even able to come with them to our convention in City X last March.

On top of this, is the terrorism issue in both Country X and our country. But even though things seem very hard, we believe that all these things give us great opportunities to proclaim the Gospel.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and encouragement of all kinds!”

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.