One Month Into Mission

Today I had my first real moment of compassion for a Muslim person. I realize that this probably should have happened sooner considering that we’ve left all we know and love to live in another country for the sake of Christ’s love of Muslims, not to mention that it makes me seem heartless because we’ve been surrounded by millions of Muslims for weeks.

Even though we’ve been here for almost a month, the majority of our time has been spent merely surviving: figuring out how to find our way around this megacity without getting lost, buying groceries, and deciphering a foreign rental contract. Plus, at this point our conversational abilities don’t go much beyond “Hello, how are you, my name is, thank you” so that doesn’t really lend itself to developing deep relationships.

Anyway, this week we started language school and we were blessed with the most wonderful language teacher. She is a truly delightful woman: kind, funny, well-dressed and well-educated, never makes you feel stupid even when you really do sound stupid!

And she is very much a Muslim and very happy to be a Muslim. She doesn’t at all fit the narrow stereotype I had in my mind of a black-robed, uneducated, oppressed woman likely beaten by her husband. She is someone anyone in Canada would be lucky to sit beside on a plane, meet at a dinner party, or attend a university class with. She is someone I’d like to be friends with.

It’s terrible to think that this woman doesn’t know Christ. God, it’s one thing for those who are in desperate straits to seek you out, but what about people like my teacher who are content where they’re at? How do we reach those who have found what they’re looking for in Islam? Please give us wisdom and stir up a hunger for the Truth in the hearts of all Muslims.

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.