Finding The Truth Seekers

Our encounters may be few and far between, but when we meet a Truth Seeker, it makes the waiting time worth it! They are out there; they are in your city and they are in ours. Ones who are searching for the MORE they have always longed for. They have become disillusioned with this life and what it has to offer and are hungry for something different than what they have previously known. It’s these people we are searching for. As they seek Truth, we are seeking them. And, more importantly, our Father is passionately pursuing them long before we ever enter the picture.

We’ve mention previously that recently we have connected with a group that sends out the Word to those who request it and then we are able to do follow up with those who have already started in the Truth direction. A few weeks ago, we received a contact about a young lady that had received the Word (New Testament) and had read it through over a two-month period and now wanted to meet with a believer so she could ask her burning questions.

We sat down with her over tea and the questions started pouring out. “How do you fast, pray, w0rship and live, as a believer?” she was eager to know. As we began answering, she would light up and say “Oh yes, I remember when Jesus said ______. That makes sense!” or “What about this story…” and would go on to relate whole passages and parables to us! We were in awe of her understanding and remembrance of all she had read.

As the website she received the Word from initially only sends out the new testament, we had brought her a complete Word and asked if she would like to read more. Her eyes lit up and she tenderly picked up the Book and clutched it to herself. “This is for me?” she asked in amazement. “I’ve been wanting to read the rest of the Book and have been researching online but I didn’t know where to get one from.” She caressed the cover as she quietly exclaimed “This is such a precious Book. I can’t believe you brought this for me!” We could only smile and reassure her that yes, it was for her and we were giving it to her as a gift.

She is now reading through from the beginning and wants to read the old testament and then once again, read through the new testament to have a better understanding based on a full history. She accepts what she has read so far and is like a sponge, wanting to know all she can. She explained that once she is done reading the entire Book, she will make a decision as to what she believes the truth to be, but firmly stated that the portion she has already read seems like the truth to her so far.

Would you lift her up even now? She is actively seeking, and the Father is drawing her to Himself. What a beautiful picture of a lost daughter finding her way home.

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.