The Journey

We all have a journey, are all walking this path called life. And, sometimes, we get the chance to walk it alongside some special people at special times, for special moments.

We recently got to do just that with a new friend. We met him last fall and have mentioned him before. He escaped from a neighbouring country, searching for Truth, but not sure what it looked like. He had challenged his religious leaders because he knew they didn’t have the answers he was looking for, but it landed him in jail and, under threat of death, the need to flee his country.

He continued searching as he settled into his new life in this new land. He worked, travelled, tried to stay under the radar, all the while trying to satisfy the longing in his spirit. His journey led him to our current city and a mutual friend. He shared with her from his heart, his desire for something more and his dissatisfaction with the life he knew. She told him she understood, as she was on the same journey, just a little farther ahead. She told him about our group and asked if he would like to come. With a bit of hesitation, he came one Sunday and unloaded his heart full of questions. We gave him The Word and as he devoured it over the next few weeks, reading late into the night after work every evening, his questions began to find answers.

On Christmas Day, he came for dinner and we sensed a peace about him that we hadn’t previously. His face lit up as he told us of the phone calls he had made to friends and family to apologize to those he had hurt and to reconnect with those he had cut off communication from. He said it felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he knew The Word was real; this was the Truth he had been seeking for so long. He fully accepted everything he had read and wanted to make Jesus his Lord. We were able to pray together that night and his journey took a sharp turn towards Truth and he hasn’t looked back.

Just a couple weeks ago, we were privileged to participate in his journey further by assisting in his baptism! He has wanted to do nothing but what he sees in the Word and has asked repeatedly over the past couple months about this important step. It was with pure joy that we were able to come together as the body and gather around him as his new family as he publicly declared the Truth he has found.

His journey continues as he looks to his future. He says “Only the Lord knows what is in store”, but he has a heart to return to his people. It was with tears in his eyes that he told us “They just don’t know, they are being lied to and don’t know how to find the Truth. Someone has to tell them; maybe one day it will be me!”

The journey is far from over; it is really just beginning. Please pray for this new brother, that the seeds that have been planted would not be snatched away or wither, but that he would continue seeking and following with whole-hearted abandonment.

May it be the same for each of us.

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.