The 34 Day Walk

This summer, what started as a desire to cover our city more strategically in prayer quickly snowballed into something much bigger. After discovering that the city is broken into 34 neighbourhoods, we decided to physically prayer-walk through each neighbourhood and began mapping out the city. At the same time, we felt called to fast; our simple desire to pray turned into a 34 day long prayer-walking and fasting take-over of our city!

Our goal was to physically walk the land, claiming this city for and declaring that the K1ngdom has come. We were able to do that; some days we made it to more than 1 neighbourhood, other days we prayed and fasted at home but by the end, we prayer-walked our entire city. We’ve roughly estimated walking over 100km between the two of us, sometimes with 3 cute kids joining in on the fun!

As we prayed, we felt lead to break off different strongholds, other times we just praised as we walked. We sang, we lifted up houses, businesses, families, and left them at the feet of Jesus. We prayed for people to have dreams and visions, for miracles to occur, for a supernatural awakening to take place and for the K1ngdom to come to this city. We broke off chains of bondage and hopelessness, of discouragement and despair and we declared that this city will no longer be trapped in lies and darkness, but that the dawn is coming and it is time to wake up!

We ended the 34 days on a lookout point over the city and, as seen in a vision, planted a white flag and declared that the K1ngdom had come. We read Matthew 4:16-17 and Isaiah 60:1-3 over the city and took communion to break our fast. We finished by singing “You’re the G0d of this city” by Chris Tomlin and are now standing in full faith that we will see the K1ngdom come in a new way to this place.

We had a longing to see our city prayed for and took on the challenge, but that desire has birthed an even bigger dream. We had a simple idea to prayer-walk our entire city; Jesus had a plan to lead us into a lifestyle of prayer ministry and to reach far beyond the city limits. We are now looking to the whole eastern side of the country and are working towards seeing every city prayer-walked. More details are coming, as we don’t even know how it looks yet, but we’re so excited for the journey He continues to lead us on and have nothing but full confidence in where He is directing our steps!

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.