How can we care for Global Workers who are hurting?

There are reasons that people groups are unreached or unengaged by the Gospel.

Sometimes they’re hostile to outsiders, live in geographically remote places, or live in deep poverty, disease, or bondage. They are often found in areas that we find uncomfortable, unattractive, or dangerous. They may speak languages that aren’t written down or are difficult to learn. Their cultures are usually radically different from Canadian culture. And sometimes they just want to be left alone.

Reaching these people is hard, and discouraging…and often reaching them with the Gospel comes with risks. Global workers who go to these places often return home broken. While we believe that wherever God’s seed is sown, He promises that fruit will one day spring up. But sometimes the pioneers, the initial sowers, go out rejoicing and return weeping.

How can we prepare to care for those wounded warriors?

Here’s are some good initial suggestions from Outreach Magazine:

For a more in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by global workers, check out Dr. Marjory Foyle’s landmark book Honourably Wounded: Stress Among Christian Workers. Lauren Lungren heard her speak at a member care conference in Belgium and said that Dr. Foyle’s insights in ministering to global workers were eye-opening and powerful. I know that after reading her book you’ll agree!

Written by
Bruce Lungren
ACOP Global Harvest Worker