Go, Walk

Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you. Genesis 13:17

We want the land! Not for the land itself, but for the people; for hearts to turn to Him, for His name to be lifted up and glorified in this place. HE ALONE IS WORTHY! We are claiming the above verse for the eastern part of this country, for this land we call home and the people we call dear friends. In light of this, we have begun to walk, to declare this land, these people, as His. As we have walked and lifted up this area, He has deposited strategies and specific numbers into our hearts. Here are just a few:

34…In June and July we prayer-walked and fasted for the 34 neighbourhoods in our city. During this time, the Father impressed it on our hearts that we were to continue this lifestyle of intercession and expand it beyond our city.

9…We continued researching our area and discovered 9 districts in our province. We have since begun to travel to these areas and pray over the main towns. We have travelled to 4 districts in the last few weeks, leaving 4 more to cover in the next few weeks (we’ve previously covered the area where we live).

14…Provinces in the eastern region that we have identified as even more unreached than some other areas in the country. We will be strategically travelling to these provinces over the next few years to pray and search for people who may be interested in the Good News.

124…districts in the identified 14 provinces. Our desire is to eventually pray and walk the land in each of these districts.

Here are a few ways we’ve seen the Father move in the trips so far…

On our first excursion, we had our whole family with us, as well as 2 locals. In the middle of the target town, we found a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the whole valley and were able to have a time of prayer as we gazed out upon His glorious creation. As we were lifting up the area, our friend saw a vision of a man who was also lifting up the area and she felt that someone was already on the ground battling for that region. We were very encouraged!

On our next trip, we had a friend visiting and decided to do an all ladies trip. Our visitor, local friend, and I headed out to cover two districts; we prayed through the town in the first district and discovered it was filled with men…we saw less than a handful of ladies out and about during our entire couple hour visit to this area! Since we felt a little out of place, we moved on to the next district and ended up looking out over another valley from inside the ruins of a castle. We found the remains of a church and were able to exalt our Father in a place that seems to have forgotten about Him. On our way home, we drove through a small village and were invited in for coffee. We ended up chatting with a lady who shared some struggles with us and allowed us to lay hands on her and pray for her in the name of Jesus! We shared contact info and will get together with her again soon.

Last week, we chose another district and made plans to travel; My husband received a message from a friend asking if we could meet up with a believer in…you guessed it…the place we were planning on going to next! We had no idea there was a believer in that area and our local friends were so excited to hear of another brother so close to them! My husband and our friends spent the day with our new found friend and were able to bless yet another area.

The numbers keep adding up and we are so excited to mark off prayer-walked areas one by one. How will we ever make it all 124 areas? Well, we’ve got some more ideas cooking and will let you know when they’re ready!

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geological locations have been omitted from the article.