Wrapping Up The Year

A year ago I prayed for ‘Mark’ at the local coffee shop not knowing that a year later he would be lead to the Lord by a local believer and one guy from our team. I have had the privelage to meet with him and have a Bible study and prayer time. He desires to meet up and to read the Word together to have his questions answered and to have the support as well. I am excited about how the Father is using this young man! I was able to give him the gift of a complete Bible so he can read the whole book. The study notes have helped to answer alot of questions as well. It’s amazing to me how the Father anwers our prayers in ways we can never imagine.

This past week when we met a coffee shop, we read the Word and the waiter that was serving us asked what we were reading and so we told him about the Book. Then he told us that he also has the Good News! He had never read it and wants to meet up with us to read it together! How awesome!

Please pray for these two men and give Praise to the Father for his work here.

We are believing the Father for our ministry to end on a positive note financially. Please pray for these things:

  • the finances for our daughters schooling
  • to be able to go to travel other provinces for ministry
  • bless the leaders of our church
  • purchase Bibles

Merrry Christmas!

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geographical locations have been omitted from the article.