Throughout history, certain people have shown an uncanny ability to discern major changes before they happen. They recognize what those changes are bringing, release what they’ve been doing to pioneer new things, and prepare whole generations to step into opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise. They’re the visionaries who recognize the “game changing” moments of history.

Nothing stays the same, and no amount of nostalgia will return things to the way they once were. Empires, countries, communities, industries, companies and churches all decline or blossom in times of change, depending on their ability to discern and willingness to refocus, change and adapt to new realities.

The Church has never seen a generation quite like this one in 2000 years of existence. Today, the Church exists on every inhabitable continent and in every country of the world, and often in sizable numbers. And today’s wars, migration and globalization are simply factors that God is using strategically to bring the world’s 7000 remaining unreached people groups to the doorsteps of our local churches!

Today, the Church’s mandate to make disciples of every nation is a ‘finishable task’!

Read this article to understand better why we need to refocus and adapt to this new and exciting context of world history and God’s Story.


Written by
Bruce Lungren
ACOP Global Harvest Worker