Always Growing

January was a busy month for me. I joined in a week-long class about hearing our Father’s voice with my friends at our discipleship school. This was a big deal for me since the class would of course be in my second language. But, due to this being a topic I am familiar with and love I figured it was a good week to join. Since then I have felt it has become even easier for me hearing our Fathers voice for those around me. The students had many questions on this topic since it was new for so many of them. It was good for me to be aware that hearing our Fathers voice is very foreign to many. Since the class I have enjoyed practicing at random moments with my friends.

This past week at our Soup Day I saw a lady who stopped and just stared as my friend and I were serving soup. When I asked her if she wanted any she said no and that she was on her way to visit a friend. She continued to just stand there so once again I asked her “are you sure? It’s free!” She agreed to have a bowl. As she came I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to ask if she had any prayer requests. I then asked if there was anything our Father wanted to say to her. But, I heard for a second time, ask her if she has any prayer requests. So I did. Not knowing what they would be. She ended up wanting prayer for curses from her ancestors to not have a hold on her life. She took her soup and went off to see her friend. I am hoping my friend and I will see her again now that she knows we are there weekly. I have been finding conversations so much more fruitful when I go expecting G0d to move and pray into that before hand. It has been so neat to watch the different ways He shows up each week.

I am also now a part of a home group. We have just started this year and are excited to see where it will go. Right now we meet weekly to sing songs, read together and enjoy conversations while eating. Because this is so new I would appreciate prayer as my friends and I are figuring out how to steward this well, not to mention the admin and the work of cleaning and cooking.

Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers and financial support. I am so grateful for you all.

Please Note: For the sake of security the identity of the Global Worker(s) and exact geographical locations have been omitted from the article.