Ministry in Thailand

After two years, it was so good to be with Allan and Siriton Bay and the growing Shining Light church! I found healthy, hungry leaders and church members! The revival night was well attended, Holy Spirit filled, empowered and set many many people on fire for Christ. I was SO encouraged by the response!

I also had a super time ministering to 170 hill tribes children in a boarding school. The little orphan girls stole my heart! Probably 30 – 40 children raised their hands to give their lives to Jesus. Utaphan, my Karen son said, “Mom, in the last six months of working here I have never seen the kids raise their hands that way!” Praise the Lord!

There were meetings with different groups from the church but the trip culminated in a 7-hour drive to Mae Hong Son in the mountains where 400 women (and some men) attended the three day Karen womens’ conference. I have spoken at several of these conferences over the years but this was the best EVER!! Most of these women come from conservative Baptist backgrounds but this year there was a fresh wind blowing amongst them. HUNGER! This was evidenced in the way they worshiped and in their eager focus and rapid response. The church was packed out with no place for altar calls, so everything had to be a corporate ministry. The first night as I ministered healing in a group setting, many were instantly healed with others realizing the next day that they had been healed.  Praise the Lord!

When I wanted to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I did a Reinhardt Bonke move and asked them to put their own hand on their head. I was AMAZED to see 100 % participation!! Never before!!

The Holy Spirit came with fire and power, with people continuing to pray and worship for a long time! IT WAS POWERFUL! King Jesus walked into the room and many started repenting of lukewarmness and crying out to God! I felt moved to call up the pastors’ wives and women’s’ leaders to the platform and we ministered Holy Spirit and fire to them directly, so they could lead their people. People were very touched and I pray, permanently impacted by God!

The enemy was not happy! Upon arrival in Thailand, after sitting for so long on the plane, the muscle of my right hip was hurting me, making it difficult to walk and painful to go up steps. During the week leading up to the conference, it continually bothered me although I tried to be careful. But when we arrived at the mountain church and saw it sitting on a hill with many steep steps leading up to it, I knew I was in trouble! Our communal sleeping room was also high on stilts with very steep stairs you had to climb! I asked Allan and Siriton to pray for me. They rebuked the attack and prayed for healing. I instantly felt a lot better but an hour later when I was standing on the platform, getting ready to call out healing for the women, I realize my hip was 100% healed. Praise God!! For the next two days, I was able to painlessly walk and climb stairs, ride 7 hours back to Chiang Mai and travel back to Canada WITHOUT ANY PAIN!!! Praise God for healing me! He also healed Siriton of chronic back pain enabling her to sleep super well and get out of bed on her own! JESUS YOU ARE SO KIND!!!!

Thanks to your prayers for protection, coronavirus did not come near my dwelling! The plane was PACKED coming out of Taiwan! The departure boards showed many flights cancelled.

As you might remember, I am planning to take a team to Egypt for the first time, leaving on March 26 and returning April 8. So far Egypt does not have many cases of the virus but we are monitoring it carefully. We don’t want to cancel out of fear but neither do we want to act irresponsibly. We are in close communication with our contacts in Egypt and will be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Would you really pray for us that we would be clearly guided and clearly know what we should do? We REALLY want to go but…

As we get closer to the departure date I will be in contact with you to let you know our decision. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! Praise God! He is awesome and He really loves people!! May He fill you with new fire and passion to serve Him!


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