Well, the summer has flown by and it’s back to school again. We pray that you are doing well and that you have had a good summer as well despite all that is going on in the world today.
Here are some highlights from our summer:

  • We moved into a different apartment complex and have made some great friends.
  • We were able to be out & about and there were no lockdowns
  • We were able to see many of our team members and to be able to share what God is doing
  • God has been using us and He continues to amaze us with His goodness even during the pandemic

As we look forward to the fall and the cooler weather, here is what our fall looks like:

  • “V” will be teaching  at a school and our daughter is there for 1st grade. She will be having classes at the school and she will also be having distance learning as well.
  • Being able to teach at the school has an amazing impact on the city/country we live in. The school serves children, MK’s, M families, the lost, the burdened throughout our country. It serves many different communities and it is a miracle to have this school in an Unreached Nation. 
  • One sad bit of news this past week was that all the Biblical literature in the school had to be “disposed of” and there is only 1 Bible allowed in each classroom. This is a clear reminder that the enemy does not want this school here and that he wants to destroy what God is doing.
  • “R” is able to continue with language lessons as well as continue with ministry
  • We are able to have fellowship with other followers and are discipling brothers and sisters in the Lord

We are so appreciative of ALL your prayers and your encouraging emails! Thank you!  We continue to pray for each of you. We lift up your names to our Father for healing, miracles, provision, dreams, good health, great jobs and that you will have great times with Him.

Blessings to you today,


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