It’s been another couple crazy months around the world, but God is still God, the Gospel is still true, and Jesus is still on the throne!

We have been continuing our work of reaching out to our list of contacts who have requested New Testaments. Through this year, there have continued to be thousands and thousands of people across the country who have requested New Testaments and information about the Gospel, and we’ve continued to do what we can to follow up with those in our region, to answer their questions, and to point them to Jesus.

This past month was especially exciting and meaningful for us because we finally got to baptize 2 of our new brothers who had come to Jesus through this ministry. These guys have been wanting to be baptized since March when COVID-19 hit, but have had to wait until now. There’s another brother that we’re hoping to baptize next week, and potentially a couple other baptisms that we’ll see in these next couple months!

In all we do here, it’s our prayer and focus that we would make disciples who make disciples. Being able to hear these new brothers’ stories, and seeing the passion they have to see their communities transformed by Jesus in the same way that they’ve been transformed themselves, has been truly amazing! Some of them are already starting the work of making disciples themselves, sharing with their families, co-workers, and beyond.

So, we’re thankful for what Jesus is doing!

Please continue to pray for them as they continue on their new adventure of giving their lives to follow Jesus!

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