We recently met a new friend and she told us of her faith journey thus far:

2 years ago, an American lady was travelling through this area and met our friend. They hit it off and exchanged information, including Instragram ID’s. The American lady often shares scripture and prayer through her page and her new friend was very intrigued. She asked a lot of questions and her heart began to open up to this loving God who wanted a relationship with her. A year passed and one night, she had a dream of a man in white. She felt love like she never had before and had tears running down her face when she woke up. She immediately knew it was Jesus and called her American friend to tell her.

A year of intense searching and decision making followed. Earlier this summer, she decided that she truly did believe in Jesus and all He taught. She called her friend again and said she was ready to fully commit to following Jesus the rest of her life. Her friend came to visit once again and we all got connected through mutual contacts. We were able to meet and begin discipleship with our beautiful new friend. She wanted to take the dip right away and express her full commitment so she was dipped just a few weeks ago!

We are now able to continue the journey together and meet regularly for discipleship and prayer. It’s such a joy to see her face light up as she describes the changes in her life and the deep love and peace she now feels. Please pray for this new sister as she deepens in her faith and learns more about who God created her to be!

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