It has been an exciting summer despite the restrictions due to ongoing COVID precautions. A few weeks ago we had the privilege of baptizing two locals who came to faith earlier this year. They were both men who reached out to the Bible Correspondence Course to receive free New Testaments. Both of them have been sharing their faith broadly, so we hope they will be baptizing others shortly!

There are still three others who have been ready for baptism for some time who, for a variety of reasons including their personal safety, have been unable to act on their desire. Pray that these new believers will be able to go into the waters as soon as possible.

We are also super thankful to be partnering with some new Gospel co-workers from various denominations and backgrounds. God has orchestrated some beautiful relationships with locals and other foreigners to engage the lost and follow up with people requesting New Testaments. As of now, there are only 200 men left on our waiting list, and the women are caught up!! At the rate we have been going the men’s list will be completed in a few weeks as well. It feels great to cross that important goal off our list before leaving, and reassuring to know that there are others committed to continuing this work with the 50 or so new contacts that come in every month in our provinces.

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