Does anyone else feel like COVID is a lot to process on top of everything else that is happening in our lives and in the world? I have had to say so many goodbyes in a short amount of time which has not been easy. Whether it be friends who were told they cannot re enter this country, friends who have moved back to their home countries or friends who have moved cities, it all weighs heavy on my heart. I am aware that this is just part of the job but with each goodbye it doesn’t get any easier. I am thankful that through my grief Jesus remains faithful.
Psalm 86:15 But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet up with a new friend who is also passionate about praying for people at the park. I was amazed when I found out this shared interest since it’s been so difficult to find someone to do this with let alone to find a woman who is passionate about this. The church that she attends has been doing this regularly, but with COVID, they have had to take a break. They have just started back up the last couple weeks though so I was able to meet with these women. It was great to connect, read scripture and pray together. I am looking forward to partnering with them.

For the last little while, my team meetings have started back up as well as my weekly prayer meeting and our ladies meeting. I am thankful for these times of fellowship. There is still no word when Soup Day will open up again and the Refugee Center is also unsure at this time. However, a different refugee center has reopened so I am looking into starting to volunteer there.

The discipleship school I was involved in last year has just started their new school year. There are 4 locals that will be a part of this school year. I am looking forward to building relationships with the students and joining them for the devotional times as well as their weekly dinner and prayer time. This was one of my highlights from last year and I am thrilled to be a part of it again this year.

Prayer Points
– That I would be able to open my heart to new friendships
– That I would have the energy as I am starting some ministries again plus learning a new language
– For our discipleship school, both for the students and the staff

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