In the midst of a global pandemic, lockdowns and general upheaval, God has blessed me with a man I will soon call my husband. We are now in wedding planning mode and will be tying the knot early 2021. Thank you so much to those that have prayed over our relationship thus far, we have felt the Lord’s hand over us from day one. We would appreciate continued prayer as we are entering this new stage of life. We are so excited to begin planning our future together.

I have been enjoying spending more time with the students in our discipleship school. Every time I am able to participate in devotions, I am always so impressed by the way each student leads. Even though it’s a smaller class this year, it’s obvious that the students want to be there and are excited to learn and grow. This is just the start so I can not wait to see what the Lord does in and through them.

This month, my husband to be and I had the privilege of attending our good friends’ wedding. They were students from our discipleship school last year and became dear friends. It was so fun to be able to celebrate the beginning of their new lives together with old and new friends.

On Oct 26th I celebrated moving overseas 4 years ago. Every year at this time I love being able to reflect on the years I have lived here and all that I have learned during these last 4 years. So thankful to be able to call this country home! 

Another milestone this month: I feel like I am finally able to communicate in the local language. I have been learning lots of words but I am now officially being taught grammar and slowly learning how to write. It has been so exciting learning a third language. One of my closest friends here is thrilled any time I speak and practice her heart language with her. I am so looking forward to seeing how our relationship grows deeper now since I am learning her language as well as her culture.

Thank you everyone for your prayer and support. I am so blessed by each of you!
Much Love


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