“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” Psalm 16:11

It is Friday 5:30 p.m. 6th Nov. No internet! And, our Bible Study start at 7:30 p.m. My new abode in the clouds is no “fluffy stuff” at times there is disharmony when I cannot get home as scheduled. Our way of life has been altered drastically and offers a level of frustration when the path becomes difficult to map. Oh but for praise and prayer, the Lord graciously provides much needed peace and calm to travel through the troubled waters.

I continue to be amazed how quickly the countries of the world have been brought to their knees by Covid19 -the unseen foe. Tobago is a very tiny island that can fit in the land space of Canada more than a zillion times and over. It too has not been spared from potential morbid attacks. Presently, I could be charged $200.00 CD for not wearing a mask in public or driving my car with one or more persons on board. Since March there are continued restrictions in most public spaces. The cost of living has increased substantially. It has become very difficult for many families. But, I have proven with the help of the Lord that my paddles are strong enough to navigate the rapids with hope. I am Ok and so are those in our fellowship.

All classes in schools are done online through various platforms. In the month of January 2021 schools would be operating with a blended teaching to assure physical distancing –teaching online and in the physical building. Although we are facing financial challenges due to the downturn of the economy we are determined to continue facilitation of our program in schools. Presently we are delivering full time-tabled classes in all High Schools. In our last year’s fund raising effort we hosted a “Poor Man’s” dinner. It was a great success! This year’s fund raising is carded for 28th Nov. it would be a virtual event. Oh my! Tons of work to organize this effort! All this is new to us.

Church services continue through the Zoom platform. It has been a great adjustment but good. Additional folks from near and as far as the States join us for Sunday morning service and Friday night Bible study. A single parent with four children recently joined us and yesterday she testified the Lord is healing her through the word. The long periods of sleepless nights because of anxiety has now lessened. She is able to exercise a level of faith in the Lord and it is bringing her rest. Praise the Lord!

There is much rejoicing and praise! Baptism took place despite Covid 19. Praise the Lord!

Please join us in these prayer points

  1. Maturing of the saints
  2. Addition of whole families that would grow to be pillars in the church.
  3. Financial needs for the schools’ ministry (up-coming fund raising)
  4. Acquisition of land to build a multi-purpose facility
  5. Facilitators’ –fruit for their labours

“May the Lord keep you all in good health! May He bless your families and fill your barns”

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