About 30 years ago, the ACOP of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was established by leaders from the ACOP of Zambia and Rev. Lloyd Schuetz (long term ACOP of Canada missionary).  Rev. Kipongola (ACOP DRC General Secretary), a widower, travelled to the Philippines a number of years later where he met a lady named Marilou.  Marilou is a local pastor and soon they were married.  They set out about a year ago to register the ACOP of Philippines.  It was just completed last week so now ACOP has expanded to the Philippines. Blesstone and Marilou have planted a church and they meet weekly for church services & teaching.  Their vision is to plant churches in remote villages in the Philippines.

The word of God and the gospel is a seed.  The Spirit of God blows like a wind.  The people of God are harvest labourers.  What a powerful combination.  The seed is sown, the Spirit of God scatters the seed which grows.  Then the people of God carry that seed to scatter it among the nations.

Thank you ACOP for sowing seed for the Harvest among the nations.