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While we live a few hours from Quebec City, however, this scene is recognized the world over and brings focus to a province and a people for whom:

God Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish

Even though Krysta and Guy live only about an hour from QC, due to Covid restrictions they have not even travelled there during this last year. Friends Bruce and Lauren Lungren however, live very near this beautiful city and can go there often. They report of God at work particularly among French Christians who during Covid signed up to be trained and mobilized to reach all nations within and without Quebec through the Kairos course.

Developing story:
When our friend pastor Ken from Church on the Rock, in Texas read our prayer letter and the story of our son in law Guy (a policeman who created a French prayer and scripture on a business card for his non-Christian police colleagues) his wheels began to turn, hmmm ‘’ what if this French prayer could be engraved on a metal ‘dog tag’ which could be worn, be more permanent than a ‘business card’’ and distributed to hundreds of francophone officers in Quebec??

So, he and COTR engaged a Christian company Shields of Honour (which they had done for officers all over the US) to work with Guy to develop the dog tag. The finished product will be out soon so another time I will send a picture. Hundreds will be produced and paid for by COTR as a mission to all French-speaking officers in uniform. Police, prison guards, military, game wardens.

Burkina Faso: Connections and projects we continue to help with:

  • Pastor Emmanuel and his family have relocated and are learning the language to reach the Wala (Muslim) people who live nearby but are a culture within a culture and are least reached with the gospel.
  • Bakardjan a backward, animist village in SW Burkina recently witnessed the power of God to deliver a 20 yr old possessed man, as well as three immediate physical healings. That day the good news of the gospel was accepted. They are in desperate need of clean water, so Church on the Rock partnered with us to finance a deep well. A well is always seen as a “love gift’’ from Christians who respond to human needs as well as spiritual needs. In the past, almost entire villages have responded to follow Christ the living water.
  • The old song fits: ‘’ I will pour water on him who is thirsty, I will pour floods upon the dry ground. Open your hearts for the gift I am bringing. While you are seeking me, I will be found.’’
  • Last Sunday, April 25 Pascal a lay pastor, a deacon, and a Bible school student traveled to a village to pray for deliverance for several youths. One girl 15 had been commissioned by the witch doctor to take demonic powers to another village. She was in a trance and did not remember even speaking out loud but was completely and visibly delivered.

Nunavik, Cree, Algonquin:

  • Fortunately, there have been very few Covid cases in Nunavik so of all Quebec, it remains a non-alert zone and we from the South want to keep it that way. I will not be traveling there until the restrictions have been lifted.
  • Kangirsuk church needs prayer for unity among the worship team and spirits of darkness in the town which have affected the believers.
  • Celina (17) from Quaqtaq, had her first baby this week, called Jacob. Celina came to Bible Camp in 2019 so she keeps in touch with me still. Pray for her and her boyfriend who so need the Lord.
  • Tomorrow, I will travel to a First Nations community to do the internment service for dear sister Charlotte Wapachee whose funeral I did in January. The family really wanted me to come back, so as a minister I got permission to travel out of our Red zone. The stories of these Cree and Algonquin people is often very sad, but God is speaking to them and healing them. Pray, I will have an anointed word for my friend Albert and his family to let the Lord have His way completely. Unfortunately, I will not be able to hold any formal meetings this trip.

Praise and Prayer:

  • So grateful for our health, protection, and our free country. I have not heard of any Canadian planning to immigrate to another country because there is less sin there, and the government/economics is better.
  • Nicolas’ improvement. Pray for salvation for family, Kim, Jacques, Jessica and Tristen.
  • Jamie is now employed as forklift operator after years in prison.
  • Glenn attending virtual connect group though an unbeliever still: prayer for salvation
  • Penetration of the gospel into the hearts we minister to: Quebecers, Cree, Algonquin, Inuit, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist. (all who are hurting)
    Shelly and I thank you for your loving support in every way. Psalm 8:1 ‘’O Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth’’

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