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We have landed in our homeland and have been busy visiting family and friends that we haven’t seen in years. We had planned to be back last year for our home assignment but were not able to make it work at that time due to restrictions. Although we still had to jump through many hoops to get back now, we are glad to be “home”.

We’ve just come out of an exciting season of seeing friends come to faith and be baptized and have seen God work in amazing ways in and around us. So many of the people we have discipled over the last little while are growing in obedience and are boldly sharing their faith. They can’t keep Jesus a secret and it has been such a privilege to walk part of their faith journey with them.

However, in the midst of God using us where He had planted us, He began stirring our hearts towards something new. When we first came to the Middle East 6 years ago, we came with the thought that this was it, we were now on the field, serving where we felt God had led. While this was true, we didn’t realize that His leading would one day take us out of a country and people we had fallen in love with, the place our son was born, and the city we have called home for many years.

But, over the past few months, we have increasingly felt the tug on our hearts that our time there was done. After much prayer, consultation, and confirmations, we have arrived home after closing our chapter there. We will spend the next few months visiting family, churches, and partners, while also raising up a new team to be sent to a new, unreached field.

After spending time at home, we will be relaunched to an unreached island. We are still putting all the details together but know that this is the door God has opened for our next season. We will again be surrounded by unreached people who do not yet know Jesus and will have the amazing opportunity to be a tangible witness of the gospel in a place with little to no witness. We are excited about this next season and are waiting in expectancy to see the amazing things God has in store!

Over the next few months, we would love to connect more with you, either in person, over email, or even a Zoom call. We have many stories to tell of God’s goodness, the way He has been working in us and those around us, and excitement to share about where He is leading us next. We’d also love to hear more of your journey and how we can be praying for you as you walk the life God has for you.

Thank you for faithfully journeying with us and for allowing us to share glimpses of what God is doing around the world. His plans are good and perfect, and we are excited for this next season of stepping out in faith once again and watching Him grow and stretch us so that He can use us for His glory.

Much love,
The TJ Family

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