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We have been out of lockdown for a while now and are getting into our new routine. Thank you so much for your prayers during that time. After so many days of lockdown, we really got used to it. So much quality time together which I really appreciated. 

We are now re-figuring out what life looks like since restrictions have been lifted. Our only restriction is to wear a mask which seems like hardly anything compared to the curfews and lockdowns we have been in and out of. The last 3-week lockdown ended the day of my birthday. Roni and I were able to go out and meet up with some friends to celebrate. I felt so loved and had such a great day out of the apartment.   

Once the travel restriction was lifted we were able to go on a day trip to a nearby city. It was so refreshing for us to be able to adventure together. We have found it too easy to get stuck in the same routine day after day. So to be able to switch things up even just for a day was just what we needed!  

We had the opportunity to meet up with some dear friends in a city south of us. We were able to join in for their home gathering—so nice to meet another believer in their city. Roni helped with the worship, with which he always loves having opportunities to help and serve.

We gathered at a beautiful lake to read scripture and worship together. It was such a beautiful day and many people were meeting, it was a good reminder that we live in a country where there are so few believers.

Changes for Family and Friends

Roni’s family has moved to an eastern city now since his dad was finally able to find work there. Finding a job here became practically impossible for him, so we are praising the Lord that he will have work in their new city. We would appreciate your prayers as this is a big move for his younger siblings who are 13 and 8 years. Please pray that they will be able to make good friends quickly and that their city will feel like home for them. 

It seems like this has become a season of goodbyes for me. I have had to say hard goodbyes to dear friends of mine who have also moved and some who are going back to their home country for an extended season. This weighs really heavy on my heart.

When you move overseas you think the goodbyes you have made from leaving your home country to your new country will be the only ones needed. Unfortunately, that is not the case I can not even count the goodbyes I have had to make in my 4.5 years of living overseas. Sadly, it does not get easier.

I would appreciate your prayers as I am in the midst of more goodbyes. 

New Things Coming Out Despite Lockdown

Roni and his co-workers have recently released new worship music in the native language here. Their hope is that these songs will not only touch the hearts of Christians in the country but as well as non-believers. The pandemic made this whole process take a lot more time, so it’s a great feeling that it is officially done. Now they can focus on the new projects that are coming up. 

Roni’s Visa Update

We have still have not heard any news about whether Roni has been accepted or not. If he does get accepted the visa will be good for 10 years. After so much work in applying for this visa, it would be such a blessing not to have to go through this whole process again for a whole decade. We are believing in faith for a good result and would love it if you would believe with us!  

Prayer Requests 

– Roni’s family as they adjust to their new city.
– My heart as I am in a difficult season of saying goodbyes.
– For Roni to be able to get his Canadian visa, so we can start planning our trip! 

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support for us. We love you all! 

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