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Update From Dionne

The summer has come and I am truly grateful for how God gives us what we need for where He has us.

I have been staying in a new place by myself since the beginning of June. I am house-sitting for some friends who went home on furlough for three months. It has been so nice to have that space to be able to spend time with God, to eat something familiar, and not worry about being culturally ignorant. I have found so much peace and grace for this pace of life. I am grateful also for air conditioning in this home—because by the end of May I was sleeping with ice packs on my head and back in my host family’s home. 

The last time I sent an email I was responding with pain and sorrow and hope to you about the events happening in Canada. The last time I talked to people back home in Canada was last night. I feel very moved to pray for home all the time, but also my heart for being present here has grown. I am grateful for that because I do believe I am meant to be present where He has me though my heart longs for home often.

I wanted to share a couple of things God has really put on my heart. He has reminded me that He loves me for who I am—all of me. I found the strength needed in seeing the beauty of who Jesus is and how He is truly good. I know the presence and truth of who He is. He recently told me that He is not a foreigner to me. That gave me so much peace.

I did not know that I was so used to leaving my culture at the door when I entered that secret place with Him. I have had people say that I am a child of God and that’s it, but God made us who we are in our nations so that we can know Him within those nations He so loves Himself. I felt like I wanted to write and say that God loves you for who you are. He wants you to thrive where He has put you.

I always wondered why he put me on the reservation where nothing ever happens…because I always yearned to see God do great things the way He does in the bible. He was so real and I knew He wanted to show me more of who He is. I had no idea I would be here one day. I just knew I wanted to follow the One who made Himself known to me.  He can make Himself known to you where you are too: ANYWHERE! 

I have been meeting with two people specifically to read the bible with and Discover God together. I meet these two alongside other people I disciple them with. One of them I have already mentioned before, but the other one is a young girl— A, and she has been so curious (she literally takes her Bible everywhere). The process of meeting with A has been so nice. I have been praying for her more than anything, because I know I cannot give someone hunger for God. Only He touches hearts. We met today and she had so many questions. She struggles with certain concepts, so I ask that you pray God would give her wisdom to show her truth in His Word through Holy Spirit. One of my favorite things I heard her say today was, “When I pray I feel this wind down my neck…” She went on to explain how she had a friend explain to her that wind in Hebrew is also used for the word Spirit. She was so excited about the fact that God has been making His physical presence known to her. 

The other person I meet with is M. He has been continuing in His desire for the presence of the Lord. He recently met with me and I was so excited about the fact that He had met A recently. He had excitedly told me that they pray together. (What is more amazing than the church being the church?!) Keep praying that they continue to find truth and freedom in God. He is bringing those that need to be a community together. I am so amazed at how He draws people in. M has been struggling with losing His family because of his specific situation which I cannot write here, but pray God restores His family. Pray that God would make whole everything that is broken. 

Things to pray for:

I ask that you would contend for and with me in these things:

For the bible studies with A and M. They are both so beautiful and I trust God is going to reveal Himself to them. Pray for their families.

For provision. I am hoping to have my goal reached by this summer. If you want to share my story with your trusted friends too – feel welcome to.

For continuation in what God is doing in Canada. The thing about dark things coming to light is that God uses it for His glory. He makes wrong things right. I am believing for that. Pray with me in it.

Pray for our team in this city. It seems to keep growing. I pray that we would continue to be united and love each other and be the church the way God wants us to be. We have had so many new friendships build and hope to be lights unto the world.

Pray for Colombia. Some of my dear friends are from there and there is conflict there that has started months ago and has not ceased. The death rate right now in Colombia is high. Pray for Jesus to heal their land. Pray for healing. Pray for peace. Pray for their people.

Pray for my community. The churches and church leaders. Pray for my dad. He has been one of my greatest spiritual mentors. I just want to say thank you for always partnering and loving me, even before coming out here. I am truly grateful for each one of you.

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