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Update from Andrew Vähi

Chemical dependency is of epidemic proportion in North America and around the world today. The effect on the economy and the crime rate touches every family without exception. Almost everyone knows and cares about someone who is chemically dependent.

This has created an avalanche of broken homes and dysfunctional families. Living with someone in addiction is similar to the instability of living with an uncaged rattlesnake. We always say—you don’t measure addiction by the quantity or frequency you use, as much as how it affects the most significant relationships in our lives.

Our Family Recovery site will soon be used to allow wives and kids to visit their husband and father while he is in the program. This is the only one of its kind in Eastern Canada! This will give people who still have a family a better chance of success.

Addictions affect the whole family, these cabins provide an opportunity to come together, create positive memories, and experience God’s healing power in their lives through the Family Recovery Process that we teach here at the ministry in both the classroom and small group sessions. The finished site will house five families in cabins, two RV lots, and a kid’s park!

Family Recovery Center

One of the biggest lies an addict believes is that they are only hurting themselves. On average, one addict will directly affect the lives of seven others. Our Family Recovery Center along with our Family Recovery classes will allow families to begin the process of healing from the inevitable hurt endured during their loved one’s addiction.

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