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It is such a privilege and blessing to Letty and I to have so many of you as churches and individuals, praying and partnering with us in the Lord’s work here in Ecuador. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you so much!!

Fourteen followers of Jesus from Olmedo were baptized on July 11th.

Baptism in Olmedo

This is a town in which there was not a single born-again believer until the Lord opened up the door for us to go and bring the gospel there in 2015.

Enjoy the pictures taken in the village of Olmedo on July 24, where we held a celebration for those who completed a twelve-week program called “La Gran Aventura” (The Great Adventure).

Eighteen children in Olmedo completed this course and were given a personalized certificate and a “Christmas Box” supplied by Samaritan’s Purse.

On August 9th, we put on a special program and celebration for all of the children from two other towns—Alamor and Pindal, that had completed the 12-week program called “La Gran Aventura.”

There were over 200 children that graduated from this program. (In this picture we see some of the tutors and their children doing choreography to a Christian song.)

  • The in-between

    We’ve all had these in-between days. The in-between of ending one thing and the start of another. The in-between of jobs or school.  The emotion of one ending, the uncertainty of a new start. Maybe less common, the in-between countries, without residence (more below).  These in-between days hold so much change and unknowns. They can feel “unproductive” while waiting for the next thing to start…

La Gran Aventura Graduation

We are now starting a new program, with even more children planning to attend (on August 8th) in Alamor. It takes place at the same time as our church service upstairs.

As many of you are aware, we have a ministry to approximately 170 children. Most of these children have sponsors through an organization called Compassion International.

Many parents in our town of Alamor have been asking if their children could also be part of this program. But, due to lack of funds. we have had to turn most of them down.

But, after much prayer and with a desire to bring the gospel to more children from unreached families, we started another similar program.

The main event takes place Sunday nights, and, to the extent that there are sufficient funds, these children will be given similar benefits as those that have sponsors.

We are very grateful to the Lord, to all of you that have given, and to Jerry and Brenda Schuetz and ACOP Global Harvest for making this program possible. It is called “Ecuador Children’s Discipleship Project.”

Already some of the parents of these children are choosing to attend the service upstairs, while their children meet downstairs.

Please join with us in prayer that many of these children and their parents will come to know Jesus!

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