In Global Reports

Here are a few pictures from our revivals in July. We saw 46 people give their hearts to Christ!  The revivals took place 3 hours from where we are, going towards the lake. Five village headmen did attend our service and all five gave their hearts to Christ. Thank you for your prayers. You will see them in the pictures… 

The Lord is at work among the people. I preached on “Who is a Christian”—to many, it was an eye-opener to see what the Bible says on the subject.

God willing our work will continue in another village; please keep us in prayer. We are planning to travel down south for series of revivals.

On July 11 we travelled to the Chulu church, where we went with Brother Stan Powers the last time he came with some Canadian brethren. 

God bless you!. 

In His Service. 

Brother Stephen.