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I have been spending time seeking God and His rest. I had gotten a terrible cold and was alone for two weeks because I did not want to be around people with Covid-19 spreading. During this time, I had felt God take me to a place I was avoiding.

It is extremely uncomfortable when God shows me exactly what has been hurting me. It is also very needed. I did not know I was distracting myself, my pain, and my questions by pouring out into those around me. It only takes so long until I run out though, huh? God had to force me out of what had finally become comfortable and sit with me.

I have moved to a city near where I was. It is only for a short time because that was the next door God has opened for me. It made no sense to me whatsoever, but I trusted and I came. I have found so much rest and healing—just me and the Lord. I had not realized I needed it this much. I have been sitting in a café and doing language homework and spending time with Jesus and my temporary roommate. She has introduced me to many of her friends. I feel so grateful. 

God is being so kind to my heart, but He is also leading me to see the need I have to be at home with my family right now. I will be going home for a visit. I leave next month. I do not know if I will be anywhere else other than the reserve yet, but if I am, I shall let those who are interested know. I am mostly going because I can rest at home on my reserve. That’s home. 

The biggest thing God is teaching me is that it is okay to be tired. I had a heck of a year and it is okay if no one else but you and me know that. I know that it’s not just me feeling tired. In whatever situation or wherever you may be—I just want to say that God sees you. He is waiting for you to sit in His rest. It’s hard to want rest when you’re so used to schedules, plans, and goals. But it is needed. So rest dear ones. 

Things to pray for: (Your prayers matter!)

  • For me and rest I need
  • For my reserve and my family
  • For my home visit to go smoothly
  • For this Country
  • For ‘M’ and the team there
  • For the new city I am in
  • For ‘M’—he is still learning about Jesus

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