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Hello family and friends, 
Our weather has officially cooled off, and we get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that I look forward to every year. September and October are my favorite months in my city—it makes walking to get groceries and doing everyday tasks so much easier. 
Speaking of season changes, Roni has been offered a new job! He will now be working with a friend on composing and producing local worship music. He has loved this part of his job, however, sadly he could not give any more time to it until now. Our lifestyle will change with this new work as he will start working from home and only going to the office 1-2 days a week. So thankful for this new job opportunity! 

Please pray as this transition begins to happen. 
We have continued to disciple the couple I mentioned in my last update. Her heart is still so open and I am excited to continue this journey with her. However, I have noticed that her fiancé is not appearing open to the Lord which limits how far we can go in our conversations. I have seen a difference when I meet with this lady on her own but, unfortunately, we have been meeting as a group of four lately. 
Please pray for their relationship—we would love to see Christ at the center of their lives. Pray for opportunities for me to meet with her one on one. 
Our ministry school has officially started again and I’ve been able to attend some of their devotional mornings. It was good for my heart to know that this is a place that has always welcomed me. Each year is very different as the students change. This year there are multiple families—which means we have such sweet children around. I am excited to build relationships with these families and watch as the Lord moves in both their lives and the lives of their children. 
Please keep the students in your prayers as they continue to learn new courses each week, and energy for the parents as ministry school can be very intense.  

Our church has been so full recently. Last Sunday it was overflowing into the courtyard with no seats remaining. It was amazing to see so many people who are hungry to worship and learn more about Jesus. One young (local man) that Roni has had the opportunity to meet with, is ready to learn more about what Christianity really is. His father is a local leader, which has given this young man the chance to seek and find that his family’s religion no longer fulfills him. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use this young man. 
Please pray that the Lord continues to reveal himself to this man as well for the meetings that he has with Roni. 

There is a department at the Christian radio where Roni works that is specifically designated to communicate with people who are seeking Jesus. In the last few months, they have seen 5 people come to faith! I am always so encouraged to hear how the Lord is moving. I hope these stories encourage you too!
 Personal Update: 
We have been officially married for 8 months now! I can not believe we only have a few more months left till we’re celebrating one whole year of marriage. There’ve been so many new changes I’ve had to get used to since becoming a wife. It has at times felt so overwhelming learning more cultural facts, gaining a new family, and friends.

I have experienced such intense homesickness longing to be reunited with my family and friends. Yet, we are still waiting to hear back from Roni’s visa. We have been praying we will hear back soon. As of now, it’s been 5 months since we applied. They say generally it’s 3-6 months but because of the pandemic they are so backed up, it could be even longer.

Although, I have tried to focus my time and energy on other things I seem to always have this longing in my heart to come home and have my two worlds in one place. I have been experiencing cultural shock again which I didn’t even think was possible after almost 5 years on the field. In saying this I have never been this deep in the culture before. Learning about the cultural expectations that are put on families and trying to not be offended when something is said to me has been hard on my heart and mind. People here are very relational and I feel the guilt when we are not spending “enough” time with family. 
Please pray that I would hear from the Lord and continue to draw closer to him in this season. 
I have started a course online called Transformation Prayer Movement. I have really enjoyed this course so far and am expecting to learn and grow much more from it. We have been learning about lie-based beliefs and true heart beliefs that come when the Lord brings transformation and mind renewal. I believe that this teaching will not only benefit my personal life but also my ministry. 
Please pray that I would be open to letting the Lord work in my heart and mind as I go through these classes and afterward too. 
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. We could not do this without each and every one of you. It means so much knowing we have people who care and pray for us all around the world. We love you! 
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