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Dear ACOP Family,

My favourite Christmas tradition is to fall asleep somewhere around the tree on Christmas Eve; I love watching the lights shine and twinkle—especially without my glasses, it brings a whole new perspective! 🤣

I’ve been reading through Genesis for the past few months and it is full of mistakes and rebellion but also redemption and grace. With a bold “Yes!” Noah built an ark without a drop of rain in sight. With a bold “Yes!” Joseph rose to second in command and helped save several nations. Bold “Yes’s!” are sprinkled liberally throughout the Bible and history and, when followed through, reveal incredible trust in an amazingly faithful God.

All that God requires is a bold yes and willing heart…

I recently heard a theory that the shepherds (who visited Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus) used to take newborn lambs set apart for sacrifice and wrap them in strips of cloth, and lay them in a manger in order to keep them spotless and without blemish. If that is the case, it lends a whole new meaning to Jesus being wrapped in cloth and laid in the manger, as the ultimate sacrifice—Jesus’ bold “Yes!”

As I prep to leave for East Africa, it has been amazing and encouraging being able to share with others where I’m going and what I’ll be doing. I watch them get just as excited, as I am, about what God is going to do!

So dream big and ask bigger, as you fall asleep around the Christmas tree this year!

Merry Christmas,


P. S. Because you asked—I would like to find a lifetime supply of Reese O’Henry chocolate bars in my stocking!