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Dear ACOP Family,

Christmas is soon here—decorations are being put up, we’ve found both a warm drink shop and a new favorite sweet, and Sarah is pretty sure Christmas music is legal all throughout the year!

Seeing we just landed, we hope for many meals shared with local friends, as we grow into living here. Pray that we would be able to connect with locals throughout the season, and point them to Jesus.

It’s a season of trust, and we are reminded of that when we read the Christmas story in the Bible—Mary’s trust. Joseph’s trust. The Wise Men trusted. Even the Shepherds trusted. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus, then He always shows up, even if it looks different than expected. God inhabits the praise of His people, so we praise Him!

As a family, we have several traditions, such as Christmas baking, decorating, and advent calendars, and we are all hoping to find chocolate in our Christmas stockings. So many things bring us joy! When you reflect on God’s goodness, then you can find joy everywhere, from small things in nature to our son’s giggles to answered prayer, or sweet moments throughout the day.

So Merry Christmas—a greeting we can say in at least three languages, and Happy New Year!

Alex & Sarah

P.S. Please pray for our families back home as they work through Christmas without us.