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Christmas is a time of food & friendship!

We are loving meeting together with other people, and enjoying quality food while we do so—recently we celebrated (and hosted) American thanksgiving with a bunch of our friends here, we were the only Canadians! It was an amazing time of being together, with plenty of food, good conversation, crafts and movies for the kids, and a prayer time at the end of the evening.

We are hoping and praying that there will be a repeat at Christmas!

Our favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating Advent together as a family. We read a chapter from Luke, (24 chapters leading up to Christmas), build a little Lego, and have a little chocolate—the same treat should carry over into our stockings on Christmas morning (of course!) 😉

As we read through Luke, Mary’s Song stands out (ch 1:46-56). Rejoicing in what God has done, the hope that He has provided, and looking forward to all that He will still do. The birth of Jesus is good news for every tribe, every tongue, and every nation.

In my devotional time, one of the things that was powerful—was a short little prayer at the end. It was a reminder to me that God is near us during our time of heartbreak, and He is the one who binds up our wounds. In His grace and in His strength we can move forward in love and wholeness for a lost and broken world.

So our Christmas miracle is that we are able to meet and communicate with people who are interested in the gospel in our second language. To be at this stage after lots of struggle and lots of language learning is a miracle in itself! I can say Merry Christmas in my second language!

Please pray for those that we have relationships with here—those that are still seeking and those that have come to Christ. Pray that they may know Christ and feel His tender loving care. Please also pray for us—and our families in Canada—as we will miss being together during this time.

Merry Christmas!

Dave, Erin & Family

P.S. We might get snow for Christmas—we’ll have to wait and see! But that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t decorated, baked, and had the Christmas Music on!