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Another year has come and gone and the Lord has shown His faithfulness and goodness again!

Praise the Lord—8 young adults, under the age of 27, have been approved as new Global Harvest workers this year to Sri Lanka, the Middle East, North and East Africa.

Praise the Lord—3 new families who have been deployed to the Middle East, Mexico, and Romania and the amazing work they are doing (already) for the kingdom!

Praise the Lord—2 more applicants to North Africa, and many more young adults and couples who are in the initial stages of their deployment!

So many are saying big, bold “YES’s” to Jesus! Going in the power of the Holy Spirit to people who have little or no access to the gospel. This is happening during a pandemic! This is God’s work! He’s calling and new workers are being deployed to unreached places.

We have seen generous giving during this pandemic in support of:

  • Global Workers—40 adults (including singles, couples, and families). Each serving so faithfully and fruitfully in their regions and locations.  We are so proud of them.
  • ACOP Builds—Local congregations, in developing nations, have built ministry structures to the roof level. In partnership, we have come alongside their efforts by providing roofing materials.
  • The building of Martin Davies High School in Burkina Faso.
  • ACOP Sends—partnering with ACOP global partners in sending missionary families into neighboring tribes/countries with unreached people groups.
  • ACOP Trains—partnering with training in disciple making movements, an expected 21 short term Bible schools, and multiple church plants.
  • ACOP Helps—emergency relief to many nations in humanitarian crisis.

Praise the Lord—for every prayer and every dollar that is given to take the gospel to those who have not heard, and to support those in crisis through practical demonstrations of the gospel.

Early in the year, Jerry co-facilitated a Kairos course, in which many of our new Global Workers participated. Throughout much of the rest of 2021, we have been training and equipping a number of new workers to be deployed around the world.

In September, we ventured to the Middle East and are grateful to say that the Lord truly was with us. Our journey took us to 5 cities where faithful workers are serving—20 workers and their children in all. Our time was spent counselling, training, caring for, and guiding these passionate workers as they start to see fruit for their faithful gospel sowing.

In November, we were at Eston College and in December, we were in Toronto. During this time we met with 13 young adults who have already applied or are in the process of applying to become Global Workers. Thanks, Lord!

This Christmas season, let our lives display the good news of Jesus, who has come to bring joy to the world.

Our love to each of you. All for the glory of our King—Jesus!

Jerry & Brenda—Global Harvest Missions Directors

If you are looking for an opportunity to give as 2021 comes to a close, there are a number of new Global Workers listed here.  Take a look and, if the Lord lays it on your heart, please feel free to donate to them for the sake of the Gospel.