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Hello Family & Friends, 

In so many ways 2021 felt so long yet at the same time each month seems so short. Can anyone else relate to me?

I can not believe that a new year is here, with the holidays going by so quickly!

What a month we have had here—it started off like any other month for us. Roni was coming to the end of his time working for the radio and had already started working 2 days a week at his new job. He was very busy with all his work as you can imagine. 

We were able to meet up with the couple we have been discipling and the 4 of us attended church together. This was a great time to connect and have fellowship together.

Roni has also been taking a driver’s course, and he had his written test at the beginning of the month. I went with him to be able to hold all the things that he could not take into the test. While I was waiting for him in the courtyard some young covered ladies came over to where I was sitting to get away from some street dogs. We began to talk, and I was able to share why I decided to move here and what I have been doing here ever since.

They were not originally from our city and did not know that there was a church here. They seemed quite interested in the Christian culture so I invited them to come to our church and experience it for themselves. Even though they seemed scared at that idea—please pray that the Lord would continue to bring Christians along their path and that they would continue to ask questions about what following Jesus is like. May He move in their hearts and minds.

I loved having the opportunity to be able to share briefly with these ladies as I waited for Roni to finish his test. I have found that the best opportunities come from the times when we are just living life—walking with the Spirit. Whether that comes when I am waiting for Roni to finish his driver’s test, grocery shopping or just sitting at a coffee shop. Some of my favorite stories have happened during these kinds of moments in life.  

Not long after Roni’s test some of his coworkers got Covid. Which meant everyone at the office had to be tested. We were very surprised when Roni’s test came back positive since he had shown no symptoms at that point. We have since completed our required 14-day quarantine and are slowly getting back into a routine. We are so thankful we are recovering well and did not have extremely bad symptoms. 

While in quarantine I celebrated 5 years of living here. My day was extra special because friends dropped off some coffee and a balloon to celebrate with me from the window. I was also able to have a coffee (which has become my tradition every year) to celebrate the day I moved to the Middle East!

Prayer Requests 

  • Please continue to pray for the couple we have been discipling. 
  • Pray for the young ladies I met for God to move in their lives.
  • Pray Roni and I get our energy back since being sick with Covid.

As always thank you all so much for your love and support! We could not do what we do if it was not for you—we’d love to hear back from you. 

We love you! 

Roni & Sue