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We are well and are excited to greet you all—life has been full of blessings!

We had the Puebla Logos Bible School Graduation on December 3rd. It was amazing as 7 students received their Bachelor of Theology degrees and 17 others were awarded Recognitions, Diplomas, and Certificates.

We teach Bible, theology, and practical ministry classes every week to the (online and in-person) men and women preparing to serve in Mexico and Beyond.

We ask for your prayers for the students and look forward to the new trimester in January 2022.

Our weekly Radio broadcasts reaching the City of Puebla (and beyond) focus on evangelism, counseling, and disciple-making.

We are taking a few weeks off from the training classes at the Emanuel Church in Puebla and the students are excited about the new subjects for 2022.

We are using Spotify for our Leadership Training podcast and are thankful to be able to reach Spanish-speaking people with Biblical principles and practices.

In prior years when we have needed to travel out of Mexico for visas, we have travelled to the USA, but this year it seemed more appropriate to travel to Canada.

This will also include gathering supplies not available in Mexico, vacation days with family, and looking after some annual medical and business things. From here in Champion, AB we can also continue with our online evangelism and teaching ministry until we return to Mexico on January 8, 2022.

We pray for God´s blessings for you over and for God´s purposes to be fulfilled for you in 2022.

Gerald & Ruth