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What a great year it’s been even with local, national, and global changes affecting us all.

We praise God that even after her ‘senior birthday,’ Shelly’s health has been the strongest in many years. Yes, our children have faced challenges we never thought they’d have to face, or us, yet God is still in charge this year as He was last. Our assurance? God is good, Jesus is Lord, Prince of Peace, Messiah, Alpha and Omega, coming King.

We got out of the ‘’Covid corral’’ in Aug/Sept so Shelly and I were able to go to the West Coast to visit family as well as spend time ministering. Then in October, we shared the mountains for a week with Trevor and Patricia, our best friends who had never been west of Ontario. Banff and Radium gave us outstanding weather with views of scenery and animals every day!!

Such special grace from God, (only four years earlier) this couple was nearly one of many marriage casualties.

Another bonus was being able to visit longtime supporters that we don’t often see.

In January, Kedric becomes our second teenager of the five grandkids. Jeremy is the ‘best’ older brother to sister Alicia, 12, and cousin to Kaden, 10, and Noah, 2. They all love being cousins… most of the time😊

Thank you all. We are truly blessed by your prayer and financial support; we are always amazed at the goodness of God through His family!!

“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.”

Zechariah 4:6

Ministry Updates

  • Glenn confessed Jesus as Lord and that God raised Him from the dead. Rom 10: 9,10 A move from, “I’m ok, I believe there is a God—to a personal relationship with Jesus!’’
  • Less medical restrictions made room for active ministry to francophone men in Montreal, Gatineau/Ottawa, and Mont Tremblant. Hommes de Parole, the French division of Promise Keepers/Impactus where I’ve sat on the board for eleven years.
  • Zacharias lost his taste for alcohol & became a faithful disciple of Christ.
  • Much time raising thousands of dollars for Volcano relief in E. Congo
  • 120K raised for Martin Davies Christian High School in Burkina Faso
  • Was point man for two water wells in Burkina Faso—coaching a micro business in BF. Guiding our leaders to do Covid relief in Rwanda and E. Congo.

Life Story

In 2016 some of you remember that I was with Tommy and Maggie in Kangirsuk, Nunavik, a couple who went through a short but painful separation.

They were reconciled soon after, but not restored to each other nor back to intimacy with Jesus. For years, the past haunted Tommy, and flashbacks brought on condemnation. Maggie was just existing spiritually.

Then this September, in a prayer meeting Tommy said, “I was just sitting in God’s presence and not really praying specifically for anything, but then I began to
feel clean—so clean and pure, just like the day I was baptized 40 years before! Since then, the Covid lockdown has helped us slow down and both me and Maggie are back reading the word, praying, and singing together!”

Just think, Tommy and Maggie could have settled to be reconciled—never restored, never to flourish in God’s forgiveness and grace, PTL they chose the latter!

What’s Next?

Plans these days come with a “postpone or cancel” clause—we don’t know what a day will bring, but every day is a day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

  • Micheline (our neighbour) passed away, so we will care for her partner Robert
  • Care for families and singles who’ve little or no family support
  • Share Christ, make disciples, mentor leaders, and network ministries
  • Prison ministry—pending Covid regulations
  • Nunavik—postponed to March 2022, Lord willing
  • Ghana/Burkina Faso—Cancelled (see note below)

Note: We were to leave for warmer climates—West Africa for ministry. We were SO ready to go. No fear of traveling or even of getting sick. But, ten days ago, when we would have had to secure visas, etc. we had to look at high possibilities of lockdowns in the various countries we’d be visiting. Along with plane cancellations and people in all three countries (we were to visit) getting sick—which could have affected public gatherings etc. This, being the second year to cancel, was disappointing but not devastating. There is always lots to do in God’s kingdom wherever we find ourselves.

We believe the Lord will open, as always, a door of opportunity even ‘better’ than we thought. We will keep you posted.

Praise & Prayer

  • Robert, since Micheline died, has opened more, yet is without hope of eternal life. He simply believes Micheline ‘’took her place in the universe.’’
  • Alain a young man from Nunavik was mentally and spiritually bound. Not leaving his room, no communication. Through prayer and treatment, he is working and functioning much better. Salvation is his greatest need.
  • Glenn, husband to Suzanne, father of 5 (stay-at-home dad), is learning new baby steps spiritually. Pray that he & Suzanne grow in God’s grace.
  • Kim and Jacques decided to separate last night. We pray they will cry out to Jesus.
  • Stéphanie will soon complete her first month of five in therapy for addictions. Pray her heart will long after a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Prayer for our son Kurt, Michele, and son Noah (2).

Your prayers mean so much,

Gary & Shelly