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Church Update:

Our current church building is too small as our congregation has been growing—it’s become very evident that we need a bigger space we can fit in.

We found a place to rent—right next to our existing church building. A wedding hall filled with a lot of gold decorations! 😂 Although it may take some time to get used to this new space it was so nice to actually have enough room for us all to find seats—and Roni led the first worship service of the year. It is so exciting to see the local church grow! 

People are coming to know Jesus and after church, there were six baptisms—including one of our close friends! Another girl who was baptized has recently joined our church. When she first started coming she was following Islam and was wearing a head covering. Since receiving Jesus she has removed her head covering and completed baptism classes in order to be baptized. This is encouraging! Please pray for those who were baptized—that they would continue to grow in the Lord.    

Family Update:

Roni’s family came to visit us—what was supposed to be a quick trip turned into a week’s long stay. They came for a doctor’s check-up for Roni’s little sister. She has struggled with kidney disease since she was born. She is now thirteen and has had fourteen surgeries already. Their trip was extended after the doctor found an infection, another surgery was needed. Roni prayed, and as soon as he finished we received good news—the infection had not spread to her kidneys. If this was the case, she would have had to stay much longer in the hospital. We are glad that we were able to pray for her and support her during this painful time.

Our Visa Update:

Unfortunately, Roni’s Canadian tourist visa has been rejected. Even though we knew this could be a possibility we are devastated—it changes our Canada summer plans. We now need to look into other options; we are praying for the Lord to open a new door to visit Canada together.

Prayer Points: 

  • Pray for wisdom for us as we figure out other visa options
  • Pray for healing for Roni’s sister—comfort as she recovers from the surgery
  • Pray that our church will find a building that can be ours and we can grow into
  • Please pray that we would have opportunity to meet up with those we are disciplining—many jobs here require so much time. Friends we have been meeting up with have been working 7 days a week lately—making it difficult to meet up as much as we were before. 
  • Pray for those who were recently baptized  

Sue & Roni